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Custom European License Plates

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Custom European License Plates
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Puerto Rico Euro Style License Plate - $45.00

Puerto Rico European License Plate

Need some ideas for your plate? Check out our Plate Ideas

Custom Plate Text

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Questions? Click here for answers

How many characters can I fit on a plate?

9 (including spaces), or 10 on a plate with no decal.

What about Seals?

Seals require 1 full space (tap on the spacebar or click the half space button twice). You can also place seals above and below a dash/hyphen. First add the space or dash to the desired part of the plate, then add the plate to your cart and then add the desired seals to your cart. Sorry, the website can't show a preview of the seals on the plate.

Are the letters painted on?

The letters are embossed/pressed into the aluminum plate, and then color is baked on to the text and border. For more info check out this video.

How much is a plate and shipping?

Almost all plates are $45 and come with a free universal mounting frame. Standard shipping in the US is $8. To see all our shipping options and destinations, visit our shipping information page.

How long does it take to get my plate?

We try to process all orders in one business day. US orders are shipped from California and usually take 2-3 days with standard shipping. International orders are shipped from Germany and take about a week. When your order is shipped, we will send you an email with a tracking number. For more info, visit our shipping information page.

How many plates are in an order?

1 order is for 1 plate and 1 frame. Of course, you are welcome to change the quantity or purchase additional plates as desired.

Can I choose a different font or add more letters?

Sorry, no. We only have the one size & font.

Is mounting hardware included?

No, it is sold separately. We have a variety of options. To see what will work best for you, visit our mounting hardware page.

Will it fit on my vehicle?

All our frames are designed to be universal and fit on any vehicle, even with bumpers with holes for US license plates. Visit the mounting frames page for more info.

How big are the plates?

The plates are approximately 20.5" inches wide by 4.5" inches tall (or 520mm x 114mm). With the mounting frame, they are 20.75" inches wide x 5.25" inches tall (or 530mm x 135mm)

Any more questions? Please visit our FAQ page, email us: support@customeuropeanplates.com or call 888-706-2440.

Mounting Hardware? Help me decide


If you have holes in your bumper, any of the screw kits are they way to go. If you don't have holes in your bumper, you will either have to drill them and get the screw kit or just go with one of the 3M dual lock kits.

Import Vs. Domestic Locking Screws
Import screw kits use metric size screws and are meant for foreign cars such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and VW.
Domestic screw kits use standard size screws and are meant for US cars such as Chevy, Ford and Dodge.

3M Dual Lock
The Dual Lock kits are adhesive on one side and velcro on the other. You mount one side to your bumper, one side to the frame and mate the two together. If you remove the 3M kit in the future, it will not harm your bumper or paint. We give you five mating pairs--which is more than enough to secure the plate and frame to the bumper. If you have a black bumper, get the black 3M kit. Otherwise, get the clear kit. And while the kits will hold up to driving at high speeds, they don't hold up well to thieves or car washes.

Mounting Frame? Help me decide


All our frames are designed to be universal and fit on any vehicle, even with bumpers with holes for US license plates. The logo frames are the same frame as the universal frame, but with a logo printed on it.

Curved bumper?
Any of the frames should work except the Stainless Steel or Chrome Frames. For all other frames, we recommend putting the aluminum plate inside the frame and bending it GENTLY until the plate and frame have a curve in them that match your bumper. Then remove the plate from the frame, mount the frame to the vehicle, and then put the plate back in.

Some notes about particular frames:

  • The Chrome frame is made of plastic with a chrome finish. It is not recommended for curved bumpers.

  • The Stainless steel frame is not recommended for curved bumpers.

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