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Custom European License Plates

EEC German License Plate$45.00

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EEC German License Plate

Need some ideas for your plate? Check out our Plate Ideas

Custom Plate Text

  • German Umlaut
  • German Umlaut
  • German Umlaut
  • Heart
  • Registrations Seals Require 1 Full Space
  • Star
  • At Symbol
  • Dash
  • Euro
  • Thumbs Up
  • Reverse R
  • Reverse E
  • German Double S
  • Palm Tree
  • Question Mark
  • Exclamation Point
  • Dollar
  • Smiley Face
  • Fire Emoji
  • Lion
  • More Options ▼
    • Sad Face
    • Football
    • Stink Finger
    • Clover
    • Beer Mug
    • Music Note
    • Girl
    • Apostrophe
    • Delta
    • Gamma
    • Theta
    • Lambda
    • Xi
    • Pi
    • Sigma
    • Phi
    • Psi
    • Omega
    • Flower
    • Dino
    • Scorpion
    • Poop Emoji
    • Texas
    • California
    • Florida
    • Pennsylvania
    • Underscore
    • Forward Slash
    • Tilde N
    • Crown
    • Christmas Tree
    • Snowman
    • Plant

Background Color

Text Color

Mounting Hardware? Help me decide


If you have holes in your bumper, any of the screw kits are they way to go. If you don't have holes in your bumper, you will either have to drill them and get the screw kit or just go with one of the 3M dual lock kits.

Import Vs. Domestic Locking Screws
Import screw kits use metric size screws and are meant for foreign cars such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and VW.
Domestic screw kits use standard size screws and are meant for US cars such as Chevy, Ford and Dodge.

3M Dual Lock
The Dual Lock kits are adhesive on one side and velcro on the other. You mount one side to your bumper, one side to the frame and mate the two together. If you remove the 3M kit in the future, it will not harm your bumper or paint. We give you five mating pairs--which is more than enough to secure the plate and frame to the bumper. If you have a black bumper, get the black 3M kit. Otherwise, get the clear kit. And while the kits will hold up to driving at high speeds, they don't hold up well to thieves or car washes.

Plate Accessories? Help me decide

European Plate Covers/Shields

Protect your custom European license plate from damage caused by bugs, rocks and other road debris. Our license plate cover/shield is extremely durable and can easily be wiped clean. Inexpensive enough to replace on a regular basis to keep your plate looking like new.

You can find more information here -> Clear Euro License Plate Cover/Shield

Features & Benefits:

  • Made from optically clear, durable polycarbonate
  • Installs in 2 minutes into our European mounting frame - no tools required - no drilling
  • Protects against damage from bugs and road debris
  • Fits European license plate 20.5" inches wide by 4.5" inches tall (or 520mm x 114mm)
  • Glossy finish for a premium look
  • .5mm (.020in) thickness - thick enough to protect your Euro plate but thin enough to appear invisible
  • Scratch and crack resistant

Clear Euro License Plate Cover

Mounting Frame? Help me decide


All our frames are designed to be universal and fit on any vehicle, even with bumpers with holes for US license plates.

Curved bumper?

Definitely go with the standard black frame (universal frame). The other frame options are more rigid and do not bend much to conform to a curved bumper. You can put on a bumper with a little bit of curve but you should use screws to mount and not 3M Dual Lock

Some notes about particular frames:

  • The Chrome frame is made of plastic with a chrome finish. It is not recommended for curved bumpers.
  • The carbon fiber Euro frames are plastic frames with real carbon fiber overlays. When mounted with the plate installed the front of the frame only shows the carbon fiber.


Our German license plate is a representation of the quality that European automobiles offer. The German, or Deutschland, European plate is decorated with the European Union flag and a "D" to emphasize the origin of the fine automobile. These plates are of the same quality as official German license plates used all over the European Union. Our European license plates are unmatched in authenticity, customization, and quality from any other manufacturer in the market.

Made from high quality Aluminum and embossed with your custom text, our German license plate is the perfect accessory to add to your vehicle. Design your plate with an authentic German plate number (check out our Guide) or express yourself with some of your own personality (get some inspiration in our Plate Ideas section)

Key features of our German license plate include:

  • Official license plate of Germany issued from 1994 to present day
  • 100% Authentic tag (license plate) made in Germany
  • White reflective background with black plate text (or whatever color you choose!)
  • License plate dimensions are 4.4 inches (114mm) high x 20.5 inches (520mm) wide
  • Maximum of 9 digits including spaces
  • FREE Universal Mounting Frame
  • Authentic German DIN mark stamped in the back of the plate
  • Weather Resistant

Customized German License Plate

German License Plate With Your Text

Authentic Aluminum License Plates


Average Customer Rating:  42 Reviews

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 Great customer service

opetion1 - February 8, 2022

Customer went above and beyond to make sure I’m satisfied
Very professional.
My 3rd order
Thank you !!!!

 Fast delivery and great quality

390gtfastback - August 15, 2021

Thank you so much for this custom plate. Looks great. Hope there is a way to submit my customplate pic in this review.

 Need more digits

Tom Price (Guest) - July 3, 2021

I successfully ordered a 10 digit tag a few years ago, but now limited to 9. How can I get back up to 10???? Please help.

CEP - You can put 10 on but you would need to choose a plate without a sidebar. You can also search for our 14 character plate to fit more.

 Exact replica of my German plate

Nanci8 (Guest) - March 16, 2021

I love that they gave me an exact copy of my plate when I lived in Germany, right down to the registration sticker from my state.. I have it as my front plate on my car and it reminds me of the wonderful 13 years spend in Deutschland.

 Great FAST Service...!

Scott from Oklahoma (Guest) - August 23, 2020

I ordered a custom plate for my wife's new vehicle. As I was trying to surprise her, I needed it quick. I ordered the plate then requested overnight shipping. Then further helped me by expediting the order to get it out to me the same day which allowed me to present the car to my wife a day early. I highly recommend. Great job and thank you!


levephil - February 27, 2020

The product is perfect, fast delidery in Canada too!


Mike Riley (Guest) - July 20, 2019

Thanks a bunch!


Marko (Guest) - March 21, 2019

Ordered a custom plate for my VW Westfalia, decals, plate cover and standard plastic frame. Shipped quickly, everything arrived in great shape and quality of all parts was fantastic. The plate looks great on the front of the Westy. These guys provided a beer stein icon I could not find with any other provider or through any links on Amazon. Very happy I ordered direct from


(Guest) - June 23, 2018



QP516 (Guest) - September 22, 2017

The white plate is great with printed sidebar & decal, however, the yellow plate can only use adhesive seal,


fatboyvr6 (Guest) - April 22, 2017



Vr6Lady (Guest) - December 23, 2016

Received the email that it was shipped less than 24 hours after ordering 3 custom plates to Vancouver BC. They arrived 3 days later DURING CHRISTMAS INSANITY. I am beyond impressed. Quality is 100%. Thank you so much.


RAY (Guest) - December 7, 2016

Thanks a lot I like how it looks on my 2017 Yaris HB, you guys are the best I'm glad I bought it....

 Great customer service beautiful plates

Indya (Guest) - November 28, 2016

I ordered a set of two costume plates. The plates are great quality. The arrived very soon after my order and were exactly as I wanted them. The website is easy to navigate and easy to design the custom plates.
They look wonderful on my M3. I used the 3M velcro to attach them to my front bumper. The directions were easy to follow and I preferred the look without the plate bracket. Unfortunately, when they arrived the corner of each plate had a small ding in it, probably from shipping. I contacted customeuropeanplates, they asked for photographs of the plates. They then offereda replacement or a partial refund. I would definitely recommend them and have already had a few people ask about the plates already.


WILLIAM STEPHENS (Guest) - November 7, 2016

REDLEG = back in the 1800s the Artilleryman wore red stripes down the sides of their uniform pants during battle. That how they got the name REDLEGs
That plate is on the front of my jeep with a red background to say thank you for all my brothers I served with in combat and in service for 20 years.

Great shipping from CA to PA within three days.

You guys rock.

Thanks I will sport it proudly.

 If I give give it 6 stars, I would

Walt (Guest) - October 18, 2016

May not be possible to be more detailed about everything than me. This plate is flawless. Felt like it arrived overnight even though it was 3 days. Hard to believe artwork this precise can arrive on doorstep 72 hours after you click "submit." Bravo

 I've Always Wanted One!

Liz (Guest) - August 6, 2016

Omg!... Ordered 2 on Monday... Mounted on Thursday!... So beautiful and how it looks online is how it will be presented!... Very pleased!.. Thank You!... ;)

 Tag looks awesome

Traci (Guest) - June 22, 2016

My tag looks great and they are extremely fast shipping. They only issue I am having is getting it to stay on my car. I used the tape instead of putting holes in my bumper and its fallen off already. Any suggestions? Other than my stupidity the company and tag are awesome!!!


Rahulb1487 - June 3, 2016

I am very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship! Fast shipping! Would buy from this site again in the future! Thanks a lot!

 Love it

Da Thing (Guest) - May 19, 2016

I ordered the plate was on my truck Wednesday. ...the plate is done exquisite and flawless. ...will order more!!!!

 Excellent craftsmanship A+++

Andy (Guest) - April 28, 2016

These plates are excellent! !! True import from Germany of blank ones. I've bought probably more than 10 at this point and are worth every penny! !!
My first plate has over 300K miles on , since I drive my commercial vehicle all over 48 states and in every possible condition, coast to coast, and except some minor dents from rocks& winter salt after cleaning still looks stunning retained reflective background and over all keeps and looks great, highly recommended ++++++

 Very Impressive Product & Shipping timeframe!

Norm Baguio (Guest) - February 15, 2016

Ordered this plate on Saturday morning and received them the next day :-) Perfect timing for my wife's additional VDay presents.

 Awesome product! Amazing shipping!

Nate VDUB (Guest) - November 5, 2015

I ordered that plate on a Monday, it was here by Thursday afternoon. It looks great! Excellent craftsmanship!

 Amazing product

OVOhugo (Guest) - August 9, 2015

Fast shipping, great product, excellent quality! Installed on my 2012 e82 135i looks amazing!
3rd time buying one! Bought one for my mk4 jetta, e46 323i and this one!

 Amazing quality and fast shipping!

benzc230 (Guest) - March 21, 2015

I ordered my custom plate on sunday and had it made and delivered to me by thursday, and i live all the way on the east coast. The shipping was very fast and the plate itself is of the same quality of an actual German plate (and i've lived in Germany myself). Overall, great service and even better product. Will do business again.

 Amazing quality.

JACK_ - October 9, 2014

Just got my plate in the mail today. The plate is amazing quality and it looks great on my A3. Would recommend to my friends, and will probably buy again!

 My original tag was purchased in 2005. I never had any trouble with it all. The paint and color looked brand new until my accident with a Time Warner Cable box! BTW, do not use them. Use Direct TV!

bmwman01 - March 1, 2013

My original tag was purchased in 2005. I never had any trouble with it all. The paint and color looked brand new until my accident with a Time Warner Cable box! BTW, do not use them. Use Direct TV!

 Quick and Easy!!!!!

94 RSA (Guest) - February 18, 2013

Amazing service and delivery!!! Live local and was able to pick up my plate in the same day!! Outstanding!! The plate looks wonderful on my Porsche!!! Thank you.


David (Guest) - December 6, 2012

I ordered a custom plate for my Porsche Boxster to give it that finishing touch. The plate arrived in only four days and looks awesome! I could not believe the quality and attention to detail. I am telling all of my friends and even getting a few for Christmas presents.


eyancy - December 4, 2012

Look Great...........

 Excellent and shipped fast...!!!!

Karen Clay (Guest) - November 12, 2012

Thanks for the great german tag for my GTI It looks awesome on the car.Great product, shipped fast Thanks again...AAA+


Audi a6 (Guest) - July 25, 2012

awesome euro plates after installing on my Audi a6 Quattro it looked genuine .

 Great Place to order plates

Andrew (Guest) - June 9, 2012

Ive ordered two plates from here and both were delivered super quick and were flawless! They were for my 98 m3 convertible,one said lolumad and the other said likeaboss. Will ordered over and over! Actually about to order another in about a week!

 Great Product

2008 BMW 328xi (Guest) - January 31, 2012

Great product at a very fair price. Super fast delivery, I actually got this for my front plate faster than the real rear plate from PennDot and they were ordered on the same day!

 Awesome communication.

BALLSOHARD (Guest) - November 24, 2011

awesome service

plate arrived in 2 days, came bent he had a new one to me in a day!

will order many times again!


chuck heinze (Guest) - July 1, 2011

I just recieved my plate and stickers. They look GREAT on my 1980 Weissach coupe. The plate has exceeded my expectations. I was shocked how quickly it came

 Excellent Quality

NGT VWMKV (Guest) - April 30, 2011

Plate was ordered and made the same day. Excellent quality. Looks great. Mounting hardware fits nicely. Nice clean look. Stickers are a great addition.

Will order again.

 German plate and decals

Guest (Guest) - December 8, 2010

Top shelf product with fast delivery... Couldn't ask for more. A+

 Super Fast Delivery, Excellent Service, Highly Recommend

C (Guest) - November 11, 2010

Would highly recommend, extremely fast delivery from Germany and Most Importantly excellent product as described.

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