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Custom European License Plates

Clear Euro License Plate Cover/Shield - (Pack of 3)$9.99

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Clear Euro License Plate Cover/Shield - (Pack of 3)

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Protect your custom European license plate from damage caused by bugs, rocks and other road debris. Our license plate cover/shield is extremely durable and can easily be wiped clean. Inexpensive enough to replace on a regular basis to keep your plate looking like new.

Features & Benefits:

  • Made from optically clear, durable polycarbonate
  • Installs in 2 minutes into our European mounting frame - no tools required - no drilling
  • Protects against damage from bugs and road debris
  • Fits European license plate 20.5" inches wide by 4.5" inches tall (or 520mm x 114mm)
  • Glossy finish for a premium look
  • .5mm (.020in) thickness - thick enough to protect your Euro plate but thin enough to appear invisible
  • Scratch and crack resistant
  • Pack of 3 - Pop a fresh one anytime

How To Install

Step 1

Remove the protective film from both sides of the cover. The film is there to protect your shield during shipping. Your cover should be perfectly clear after film removal.

European license plate cover
Step 2

If your Euro plate is already installed in the mounting frame, remove it. We recommend you clean the plate with water only prior to installing the cover. Place the clear cover/shield on top of your Euro plate and align the edges with edges of your license plate.

European license plate shield
Step 3

Slide the plate and cover under the tab on the left side of the mounting frame. Repeat with the tab on the right side of the plate.

European license plate cover installation
Step 4

Continue to push the plate and cover towards the top of the frame. Be sure to push with both hands evenly on both sides of the plate/cover. Both the plate and cover should slide under all 4 tabs on top of the frame. You may need to pull lightly up on the tabs to get underneath them. Push until both the plate and cover are snug against the top of the frame.

European license plate cover installation
Step 5

Push down on the bottom of the plate/cover until the bottom edge of the license plate snaps into the small tab in the frame.

European license plate cover installation
Step 6

Install the black bottom strip of the mount frame by sliding the strip from side towards the edge of the frame. Repeat on the opposite side.

European license plate cover installation
Step 7

Push down on the center of the black strip until it snaps in place.

European license plate cover installation

And that's it! You can clean the shield with water or a non-amonia based glass cleaner and a microfiber towel. If the cover becomes overly scratched or caked in bugs just replace with fresh one!


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 High quality products at reasonable prices!

Herr Doctor (Guest) - November 7, 2019

Online ordering is simple and quick. Top quality products received quickly and undamaged. Sturdy packaging! You won't find higher quality tags and frames at any price. Will be ordering again from this supplier.


Felicia (Guest) - October 23, 2019

I purchased my first plate in 2015 it's holding up well, I just purchased my second plate today. I recommend this company they are friendly and very knowledgeable.


md1 - June 28, 2019

I am a regular customer to this company.The products (licence plates+seals+plate cover) are amazing and looks very nice.Good job.


Patrick G (Guest) - March 2, 2018

Awesome, ordered it on 2/27, received on 3/2. Great quality and looks great on the VW. Ordering one for my wife’s new BMW!!


Braydad10512 - March 29, 2017

I have had 2 plates made by this company I've have had one for 2 years now and still holding up great very impressive getting read to buy a 3 plate ty for producing a grate product looks really good on my vehickes

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