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Custom European License Plates

Mounting Frame - Carbon Fiber with German Flag $50.00

Carbon Fiber Euro with German Flag

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If you have holes in your bumper, any of the screw kits are they way to go. If you don't have holes in your bumper, you will need to drill them and add a screw kit to the order.

Import Vs. Domestic Locking Screws
Import screw kits use metric size screws and are meant for foreign cars such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and VW.
Domestic screw kits use standard size screws and are meant for US cars such as Chevy, Ford and Dodge.



This frame is made out of plastic with a Carbon Fiber front finish. This is real carbon fiber, not just the look of it. The carbon fiber sits on top of the plastic frame which gives it the flexibility needed to fit to most curved bumpers but with the stiffness of the carbon fiber. This will definitely hold up to any abuse you can give it.

Also includes the German Flag on the bottom right.

This frame only fits plates 4.4 inches high x 20.5 inches wide


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