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Custom European License Plates

German License Plate with Coat of Arms Reviews

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Andrew (Guest) -

Ordered this for my MK5 Golf GTI. Looked pretty dang good with the mounting plates + locking screws (had to remove bumper to install locking screws). Looks good! Mildly reflective, gave a nice look. About to order another one for my MK6 Golf GTI

Service and Quality are Outstanding!

Moose_Roberts -

"Don't get a Euro plate, that's for BMWs..." "That's not a VAG thing..." So sayeth the naysayers. You know what? No! My Golf R needs, no, deserves an epically custom European license plate. So I ordered one... aaaaaannnndd then DHL lost it, because DHL. The fine folks at CEP not only sent another one, they let me be a fickle teenage girl and change my order (not a teenage girl, 38 year old man). Excellent product, beyond excellent customer service, I will be ordering again for sure.

Looks great on my 65 vw bug

Raul (Guest) -

This Company Is Amazing

Danielle Smith (Guest) -

I ordered plates to surprise my husband for Valentines Day, and it came so fast and looked great. I am so pleased with you company, and would be happy to refer you to everyone.

Fantastic quality; fast shipping!

Giff44 (Guest) -

great idea for car collectors

melfvw (Guest) -