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Custom European License Plates

14 Character European License Plate Reviews

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My grandkid love it

Gmo (Guest) -

Better than what I expected

My tag is excellent

GMO (Guest) -

My tag is excellent

TripleAce (Guest) -

I wish that you could add the Egyptian Flag as well. It will be great hit.


Dayanna (Guest) -

ordered my boyfriend a plate on tuesday & was shipped wednesday!! customer service replied really fast as well! excited to see the product & see my boyfriend's reaction!!

Looks great awesome bracket

MattyC (Guest) -

Figured with BMW i got, it should be funny (maybe won't get keyed or people might let me out into traffic) tried to make my plate sound like the Italian broken English I hear all the time at work of the word Douche but tried to make it look like a German word, DUETCHE
Do-t-ch, ex "Hey Joey, did that duetche bag steal my calzone huh?


CARL (Guest) -


Incredibly Responsive

DChiJEllis -

Will answered my emails quickly and added the Norway sticker to the 14 character license plate within an hour of my asking. He also updated my order after placing it.

Minor issues; the shipping box must have been dropped because the same corner on all three plates was bent. A cloth and some needle nose pliers fixed that pretty well. The Norway sticker is a little angled on one of the plates.

Can’t wait to get the frame on my car and swap the plates out as needed for driving and photos.

Totally 'Bang for your Buck' value, Enhances visual presence of my SEC exponentially! Thank you.

Malcolm Lee (Guest) -

Great product, Excellent quality, Totally 'Bang for your Buck' value, Enhances visual presence exponentially! Thank you.

It fits seamlessly with the 'Youngtimer' Mercedes design.

The best and smoothest transaction.

Mmcharmon (Guest) -

This is one of the smoothest and expedient transaction ever. simply put subvert service and highest quality.

First rate products and even better service! This is the model all online mail order companies should strive to emulate! Kudos!!!

georgereynolds -

(Guest) -

You must add mexican flag.

TANI (Guest) -


Wonderful company to work with!

East of the Bay MINIs (Guest) -

My Mini club just placed a bulk order and we are totally impressed with the quality of the product. The customer service was equally impressive. Everything from quickly returned phone calls to helpful ideas, and help placing the order. Shipping was the next day arrived in 4 days. Everything was just so perfect!

Fantastic Product and Service!!

BV Cooper (Guest) -

We love getting more than we expected from a company, and Custom European Plates blew us away. The day after we placed our order, they advised it had shipped. Two days later we had it, and it's beautiful! Exactly as ordered, amazing quality, free mounting frame. They also offered 14-character plates, which we wanted - hard to find anywhere else. I'm a retired management consultant, but I can't teach these guys anything about quality and great customer service. They could reach me. Thanks to the entire staff for a super experience.